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Industrial Co.,Ltd has been specializing in manufacturing tantalum capacitors and multilayer ceramic capacitors for many years. We also can offer you other kinds of capacitors .

. Film Capacitors
 CL23B Box-type metallized polyester film capacitor(Stacked version)
 CL23 Box-type metallized polyester film capacitor
 CL21X Miniaturized metallized polyester film capacitor
 CL21 Metallized polyester film capacitor
 CL12 Polyester film metal foil capacitor(Non-inductive)
 CL11 Polyester film metal foil capacitor(Inductive)
 CL20 Axial-type metallized polyester film capacitor
 CBB81 High-voltage metallized polypropylene film capacitor
 CBB21 Metallized polypropylene film capacitor
 CBB13 Polypropylene film metal foil capacitor(Non-inductive)
 CBB20 Axial-type metallized polypropylene film capacitor
 MKT61 Box-type metallized polypropylene film interence suppression
       capacitor(X2 class)
. Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors 
 CT4 Radial ceramic capacitor
 CT41 Chip ceramic capacitor
 CT42 Axial ceramic capacitor
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